• Sydney Robinson

Amazon Haul Review + Magnetic Lashes & Confidence Boosters

Welcome back to the OWD! Today we’ll be circling back to the “What’s In My Shopping Cart” post from earlier this month, reviewing magnetic lashes and talking about confidence boosters.

IDK about you but wearing sweats everyday during quarantine takes a hit on my confidence level so we gotta fix that. Let’s get into it shall we?

Okay so a few weeks ago, I talked about how I was dying to pair a lingerie-style top with cargo-style joggers. I LOVE this look. Honestly, I don’t know why. It’s just edgy and elegant at the same time and I really dig that. In the “What’s In My Shopping Cart” post, I linked a pair of jean joggers and a corset top from Pretty Little Thing. BUT, after some digging on Amazon, I actually found a better deal on both pieces, AND they’re cuter. CHA CHING.

Here is the top I went with. It’s only $10 on amazon, and it’s a body suit. So perfect for multiple occasions if you know what I mean. I sized up to a large because it runs small and I wear a 34DDD bra. The only catch is that it is not padded, so I hand sewed some boob pads from an old bathing suit into the bra portion. Worked like a charm.

The bottoms are SUPER chic cargo joggers for $1.99. I freaking love

these you guys. I sized up to a large on these too. I usually wear a 4 or a 6 in pants but amazon clothes tend to run a little small. They hug my hips perfectly and are baggy towards the bottom.

I also added magnetic lashes to my cart! Like holy shit who even am I? Trying new things and all. The reason though is because I finally got sick of using lash glue. It makes my eyes water and ALL my eyeliner

ends up coming off within an hour. The lashes I ordered are from the brand “Arishine,” and I must say… I am a fan. The kit I bought was $20

and came with 2 vials of magnetic eyeliner and 5 sets of lashes! WE LOVE! I think it’s super cool that the magnet IS the eyeliner. It didn’t move at all the whole day. You can also trim the lashes to your preferred length, which is what I do because I have almond shaped eyes. All in all I am super content with that purchase.

And lastly, I wanted to talk confidence. OHHHH confidence. I noticed that after four straight days of wearing sweats and zero makeup during quarantine, mine started to go WAYYYY down. I could just feel it you know? Like sluggish, not very pretty, not very lively. And I needed my spunk back. I actually think practicing boosting my confidence in quarantine is great practice for just living for myself you know? Instead of boosting my confidence so that other people will approve of me. The former is so much more rewarding. So here are a few things I have been doing the last few days that have helped me feel sexy and alive again (instead of like a quarantine zombie):

1. Apply Self Tanner

Um yes. Nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing a sun kissed glow on your face. Does anyone else just feel like 10x prettier with a tan? Idk maybe it’s just me. I’ve been using St. Tropez 2-3 times per week!

2. Glam

Even though I am DEF not going to put on work clothes to work at home, I can still put on my cutest pjs, curl my hair, and do my makeup. The first day I tried this, I noticed my mood was so much better the whole day.

3. Work Out

Turns out living rooms are perfect places for workouts. And SO many people have been posting their home workouts on social media that there is no shortage of ideas! Trust me, 20-30 minutes of dopamine is going to do wonders for your confidence level. I even have a highlight reel of home workouts on my Instagram! Burpee your little hearts away!

These are super unprecedented times. But I keep reminding myself that unprecedented times result in unprecedented growth. Let your confidence be one thing that grows during this time. You deserve that!