• Sydney Robinson

Finding YOUR Style and Owning Your Body

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

I remember walking into Express as a teenager shopping for back to school clothes, picking out a pile of sparkly garments to try on, and then crying hysterically in the fitting room because none of them looked the same on me as they did the mannequins I pulled them off of. And when I say crying, I mean literal waterfall tears, so bad that my mom would finally give up trying to encourage me and declare it time to leave. And leave I would, feeling inadequate, over sized and ugly.

How. Freaking. Sad.

I was fourteen. FOURTEEN. And already felt like my body was not good enough. And for this reason, I was always trying to dress like someone I did think was "good enough," like the popular girls at school or trendy accounts I saw on Instagram. I never really found my own style because, well, I didn't feel like my body was worthy of having its own style (this could not be farther from the truth).

This mindset of inadequacy continued on into my twenties, until one day, one PIVOTAL day after months of practicing positive self talk and self acceptance meditations, I suddenly looked in the mirror and thought... DAMN GIRL YOU FINE AS HELL.

This had NEVER happened before! But it marked an enormous turning point in my life and in my mind. After that moment, whenever I walked into a fitting room and tried on something that didn't fit me, I thought, "this was not made for me" instead of "I was not made for this." Now, I could look in the mirror and see only my assets - my muscular build, broad shoulders, curvy bum - and feel proud. Now, I look for articles of clothing that make me feel more like ME, that make me feel more at home and proud to live in my own skin. I only purchased articles of clothing that gave me that "DAMN U FINE" feeling, and that is how I built my style! Off of a feeling of empowerment instead of inadequacy.

Have broad shoulders? Showcase those babies! Wear a sleeveless top.

Voluptuous booty? Accentuate those curves mama! Try on a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Apple body shape? Highlight your curves with pieces that cinch at the waist!

Find pieces that give you that "YES GIRL U FINE" feeling, and settle for nothing less. Remember, your clothes should be made to fit you, not the other way around!

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