• Sydney Robinson

Green Tea Mind Health Smoothie Recipe

You may have seen on my Instagram stories lately that I have been pretty obsessed with smoothies. I started out implementing them into my diet to cure my IBS (which worked, especially after incorporating Arbonne products). Now though, I am branching out to include more ingredients so I can optimize my health! I find that smoothies are a MUCH more efficient way for me to get in all my micronutrients AND protein intake for the day! Plus, they give me the opportunity to get creative, do a little research, and mix and match ingredients to give my body what it needs!

This particularly smoothie is designed to support the ole noggin! I mean, I don’t know about you guys but I can use all the brain support I can get. After ceasing hormonal birth control, I noticed my OCD and PTSD spikes were starting to get a little out of hand again, and I have even been experiencing bouts of depression. Part of life I know, but definitely not fun. So, I have been looking for natural remedies to help support my body and get things back to normal. After doing a bit of research on foods that support brain function, I came up with this smoothie recipe, and I AM HOOKED! It is so thick and creamy that I ate it from a bowl with a spoon and felt incredibly fancy. Queue pinky in air.

Included in this recipe is green tea (weird, I know right?), that has been found to both reduce anxiety and boost cognition₁, blueberries which have been found in studies to increase neurological signaling in the brain and reduce aging and inflammation₂, and chia seeds which contain anti-inflammatory Omega 3s. I also included a few of my favorite Arbonne products! Protein because I need to meet my daily intake needs, and a mind health supplement with B12 for concentration support! I am linking both of those products down below in the ingredients list.

Please give this recipe a go and let me know what you think!!!

1 ½ cup frozen mixed berries

½ banana

1 serving Arbonne Vanilla Protein

1 serving Arbonne Mind Health

1tbsp chia seeds

3/4c green tea

1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk

6 ice cubes

2 Splenda or Stevia packets (optional)

Directions: Brew water and steep 1 green tea packet for approximately 3 minutes. Then, combine with all other ingredients and blend. Enjoy from a bowl with a spoon for a fancier experience. Top with granola, blueberries, coconut shreds, or whatever your heart desires!

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