• Sydney Robinson

Quarantine Update + Anxiety Hacks

What’s up guys.

Coming at you at Day 5 of quarantine, although the first 2 kind of slipped by because I had a MASSIVE tooth infection. Yea, it was awful. I had to go to the emergency dentist, and they ended up telling me it was too late to have my wisdom teeth removed because doing so would leave my jaw permanently paralyzed. YIKES. So, I got some antibiotics and slept a TON and was really happy when that was over.

I think Monday morning is when reality really started to set in for me. I was mandated to work from home this week, and too much idle time for me equals HELLA anxiety. I mean I was having all kinds of crazy thoughts! Including but not limited to: “I am going to run out of money. My friends aren’t going to be able to pay their bills. What if the world is ending? What if I am never able to see my dreams through to completion?”

After about a day of putting myself through this misery, I had to step back and be like “hold up, Syd. You are the captain of your soul. Control the thoughts you are latching onto and align your activities with the energy you want to feel.” That was a sobering realization! We really can spiral into depressive states so fast if we allow ourselves, but fortunately I caught myself before I was crying on the bathroom floor. Not a good look.

Here are a few things I have been doing the last few days to help ease the anxiety and also help bring a smile to my friends’ faces as well!

1. Meditate and Light a Candle

Light a candle and set your phone timer for 10 minutes. Envision yourself feeling joyful. Journal what you see yourself doing and thinking when you feel that joy. Then, try to do and think as many of those things as you can today!

2. Reach Out

Whether it’s to ask for help, or to offer it. Some of my friends need financial help right now, and some of them need emotional help. I have been doing my best to meet the needs of both (granted my bank account can only handle so much of the former, but the point is to do the best we can).

3. Glam!

Hell yea, I said it. Put on your CC Cream and your eyeliner and pearl earrings and curl your hair you babe! I am telling you: LOOKING GOOD GOES A LONG WAY in terms of a good mood. This morning I did my full makeup and hair routine before I sat down to work, and I felt like I got an instant mood boost. This is good for both me and my significant other as I will not be in a bitch-like mood today.

4. Move That Body

Okay lesson learned here. The first few days, I barely did anything. Yesterday though, I did a full home workout using no equipment or just these booty bands, and took Cooper for about a mile walk, and I felt SO energized! (I haven’t been on a walk that long in a while! How ironic that I am getting out of my house more during quarantine than I am when things are “normal.”)

We can do this you guys. Stay happy, and stay safe. I love you!