• Sydney Robinson

Time to Turn the Page

And just let yourself be happy after tragedy. Here's how.

So I’ve been thinking lately about the ideas for upcoming posts for the OWD, and most of them are super cheeky. I mean like pink everywhere, leopard print swimsuits, fuzzy slippers, my secret recipe for a skinny mojito, the works. You get it.

And then, I hear this voice in my ear saying, “who do you think you are Sydney? Posting all this happy shit. You’re supposed to be depressed and gloomy after what happened to you.”

Damn. That voice is loud, guys. And it’s persuasive. Because when I hear it, I start thinking about the rape, and wondering “who am I to be posting glittery shit on instagram and teaching people how to make boujie alcoholic beverages? Do I even deserve to do that, after being broken? Shouldn’t I be posting deep, soul-ridden things about my healing process?” That voice tries to convince me to sit down and shut up about the things that make me happy, and tells me that all I have to talk about is what happened to me.

The truth is thought that I already did all of those things. I wrote my posts that helped me get through the pain. I’ve talked about being depressed and how to cope with it. But now I'm tired of it and I am ready time to move on. And that’s okay. It’s okay to let the pain go, leave it in the past, and choose something new and happy to focus on. My past doesn’t define my present or my future. I do. And from here on, my future is looking pretty pink and glittery guys. Which is totally okay with me.

I choose now to write about the things I love and am interested in, and ignore the voice that tells me I can’t write unless it’s emotional and deep. I mean that’s okay sometimes, but not when it feels forced you know what I mean?

What I am really trying to say is that no matter what you’ve been through, what pain you’ve experienced, or what horrible things you’ve seen in your life, YOU DESERVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. You deserve to make your dreams come true. You deserve to believe in yourself. And you deserve to let yourself to do that RIGHT NOW. In this very second.

Want to write a fiction book? You can totally do it. Want to start vlogging your makeup tutorials? Well here’s a nice camera for a good price, and you should definitely go for it. Want to blog about things that make you happy? You are 1000% capable. Wix is like $27 per month.

Let yourself make a beautiful life. It’s time.