• Sydney Robinson

What's In My Shopping Cart?

Hi guys, starting a thing here. Well, it’s actually been a thing in real life for me, but I decided to start blogging it: what’s in my shopping cart this month? Basically, it’s everything I have my eye on, from trends I want to try to necessities to hip gifts for my man.

If you know me, you know I am a budget psycho. Like really guys, every last dollar is itemized (I will do a post on this soon) because I am really prioritizing paying off my student loans. BUT, you can bet your bottom dollar there is a line item for clothes every month because online shopping is a necessity, k?

So what’s in my shopping cart this month?

1. Black Street Style Ripped Jogger Jeans

I seriously cannot get enough of these. I know I am late to the party but sometimes it takes me a while to really envision how I would pull off a trend and I think I’m ready with this one. I am going to pair them with a white corset top and white go-go boots. LET’S GO!

2. White Corset

Speaking of white corset top. K, this one might be a doozy because it doesn’t come lined, so I am going to need to pair it with sticky boobs or something strapless with a lil support for the girls you know what I mean? I just love the risque vibe of pairing a lingerie style piece with street style joggers.

3. Boujie Fuzzy House Slippers

Because my boyfriend recently decided that he liked the ones I already have (they don’t even fit him btw) and he stretched them out. What does that mean for me? Slipper upgrade!

4. A Cheeky Pink Beach Towel

Because why the hell not? Also I am thinking about what this is going to look like with my cheetah print one piece from @eugeniosbikinis and I am so with the vibe. Aesthetics people.

All for now guys. I’ll post an unboxing and outfit showoff on my IG story when they come (given they fit because hello online shopping).

What’s in your shopping cart this month?