• Sydney Robinson

What's In My Shopping Cart + Home Edition

Because who doesn’t like daydreaming about redecorating their home?

Uhm not me! So, I put together my home décor daydreams into this blog post because honestly we could probably all use a little light hearted content these days. And I’ll be purchasing most of this given what I have saved for it doesn’t go towards surviving the Rona. Only time will tell! In the meantime, let’s get into it.

Okay, so let’s talk vibe. What I was going for was a classy, boho look. I started with this beige sofa because I wanted a neutral base to work with. It’s a light beige with a little texture. Plus, the reviews are awesome, it’s a perfect size and the cushions look oh so comfy. Also, prime free delivery is a HUGE plus for furniture so yes, I will be purchasing this item. (We currently have a SUPER cheap couch we bought for $80 off Facebook marketplace and it REALLY hurts my ass)

I paired it with this tempered glass, gold-rimmed coffee table to give it the “class” vibe. Who doesn’t love a nice gold accent here and there?

Then, I went looking for bar stools and found this OH SO precious turquoise metal bar stools for less than $100 for a set of four. Since I only need three for my bar, I’m going to use the other one as a base for my planter in my living room corner. Ross and TJ Maxx always have crazy good deals on plants and planters so that’s where I will get the plant to go on top of it.

I knew I needed to tie the blue from the bar stools into my living room because it’s an open space, so I found the cutest canvas set with cacti to go on the wall behind my couch. It has green, pink and turquoise accents. We LOVE! A canvas with a few soft colors gives me an opportunity to accent the space with flowers, mason jars and candles with the same colors. I also added some turquoise pillows to the sofa to tie the whole vibe together.

Soft, boho and classy is what I’d call the look. Can’t wait to show you guys the final product!